The HOURI character class, by Brian Asbury

Houris, or Nymphs of Paradise to give a better description, are a very specialist sub-class of magic-user, their speciality being concerned with spells of charming and similar abilities. They also have the power to seduce single individuals and the ability to hide in the shadows as thieves.

Prime Requisite for an Houri is Charisma (their voluptuously alluring beauty being very evident), which must be at least 15. Intelligence and Dexterity must also be at least 10. Houris may use only daggers as weapons although at the referee's discretion they may also use long, thin pins such as hat-pins, which can be easily concealed on the houri's person and do 1-3 points of damage. They may wear no armour; indeed, the less clothing they wear, the more effective they are. Houris must be human, elven or half-elven.

                 Experience  Hit        Spells and Levels
Levels           Points      Dice (D4)  1  2  3  4  5  6
  1 Novice              0     1         1  -  -  -  -  -
  2 Flirt           2,000     2         2  -  -  -  -  -
  3 Charmer         4,000     3         3  1  -  -  -  -
  4 Allurer         8,000     4         3  2  -  -  -  -
  5 Temptress      17,000     5         4  3  1  -  -  -
  6 Enchantress    35,000     6         5  3  2  -  -  -
  7 Vixen          70,000     7         5  4  3  1  -  -
  8 Courtesan     150,000     8         6  5  3  2  -  -
  9 Seductress    240,000     9         6  5  4  3  1  -
 10 Houri         330,000    10         6  6  5  3  2  -
 11 Nymph         420,000    11         7  6  6  4  3  1
 12 Nymph, 12th   510,000    11+1       7  6  6  5  4  2
 13 Nymph, 13th   600,000    12+1       7  7  6  6  5  3
 14 Nymph, 14th   700,000    12+2       7  7  7  6  6  4
                (+100,000    (+1 per          etc
                per level)   level)


Seduction is an ability which is used against individual males of the same or similar race as the houri. The houri's percentage chance of seducing is given by the following formula:



Victim is a:    Fighter +3      Assassin/Ninja  +5
                Thief   +3      Druid           +5
                M.U.    +4      Barbarian       +2
                Cleric  +5      Half-elf/Elf    +1
        Paladin/Ranger  +7      Gnome/Dwarf     +2
                Monk    +8      Hobbit          +3
                Bard    +3      Half-orc/Orc.   -1

These modifiers are cumulative, e.g. an elf-fighter has a modifier of +3 (fighter) +1 (elf) = +4.

Elven houris subtract 1 from the modifier, but are limited in progression to the 6th level (Enchantress).

A seduced male will drop his weapons, become oblivious to his surroundings, and attempt to engage the houri in a passionate embrace. In such a state he is extremely vulnerable to any of the kiss spells (see below). However, if the houri does attempt to use a spell on a seduced victim, he is allowed to make his saving throw vs. magic. If this is successful, then he realises what has happened in which case the seduction is broken and he cannot be immediately seduced again. Breaking the seduction, however, does not affect the success of the spell being used.

Seduction cannot be used in combat and cannot work against other females except homosexual ones. The presence of other individuals in close proximity (within ten feet, or obviously watching) will reduce the chance of success of the seduction attempt. For each outsider present, add 1 to the modifier.

Seduction lasts for a number of turns equal to five times the houri's level, or until broken. It can be broken in a number of ways, i.e. if the houri attempts to use a kiss spell as above, or if she resists his attentions (the victim is allowed his saving throw vs. magic each time she does so), or if the victim is attacked. In the latter case, the seduction is instantly broken.

Seduction can only be used on a single individual at a time; an houri may use the ability a number of times per day equal to her level.

Example of the use of Seduction

Lirona the houri (third level) is attempting to seduce Thaddeus Leaf the thief. The scene is the Red Dragon Inn. There are a number of other people present but no-one is paying any particular attention to the pair. Both are human. Thaddeus is 5th level.

Lirona's chance of seducing Thaddeus is equal to 3 (her level) x 100 divided by 5 (Thaddeus level) + 3 (modifier for a thief), i.e. 300/8 = 37.5%. Lirona rolls 30. Success! Thaddeus is taken in by her charms. However, a bar is no place for a romantic liaison. Eagerly he accompanies her upstairs to her room, his arm around her slim waist, not suspecting the fate that awaits him when he gets there ... !!

Optionally, the houri's state of dress can affect seduction. Add 1 to the modifier if she is heavily clothed, subtract 1 if she is scantily or provocatively clad, and subtract 2 if nude. (The latter state, however, will not be terribly practical under most circumstances, and might well lead to arrest for indecent exposure).

Houri Spells

Level 1                 Level 2                    Level 3
 1. Charm Person        1. Charm Normal Animals    1. Hold Person
 2. Ventriloquism       2. Influence               2. Love Spell
 3. Detect Charm        3. Transfer Charm          3. Resist Charm
 4. Fascination*        4. Jealousy                4. Suggestion
 5. Silvertongue        5. Ecstasy*                5. Charm Giant
 6. Impotence*          6. Dispel Charm               Animals
 7. Kiss of Healing*    7. Kiss of Strength**      6. Bodyguard
 8. Kiss of Sleeping**  8. Kiss of Weakness**      7. Kiss of
 9. Kiss of Waking**    9. Kiss of Wounding**         Slavery**
10. Read Languages     10. Communicate             8. Disguise

Level 4                 Level 5                    Level 6
 1. Charm Monster       1. Change Sex              1. Heartbreaker
 2. Resist Charm, 10'   2. Hold Monster            2. Mass Charm
 3. Lovesickness        3. Kiss of Disfigurement** 3. Blown Kiss
 4. Confusion           4. Kiss of Death           4. Kiss of
 5. Hate Spell          5. Kiss of Change**           Regression**
 6. Enchant Female      6. Stop! Spell**           5. Geas
 7. Kiss of Paralysis**                            6. Kiss of Life
 8. Kiss of Linking**

 *Spell affects only male humanoids.
**No saving-throw allowed.


Houris cannot be lawful.

As an option, male equivalents of houris may be used, as the Gigolo character class. Simply read "male" for "female" and vice versa.

As a second option, the referee may give the houri a 15% chance per week of contracting one of a variety of somewhat unpleasant, contagious diseases!

Elven houris and human houris with 15+ dexterity have the option of operating as split houri/thieves, gaining the abilities of both but retaining the houri's limitations as regard weapons and armour. Of course they will need to gain the combined experience required by both classes to progress up the levels.

Spells & Magic Items

Level 1

Charm Person: As per magic-user spell.

Ventriloquism: As per magic-user spell.

Detect Charm: Enables the houri to ascertain whether an individual or creature is under the influence of any kind of charm or hold spell, including geas, quest, suggestion, etc. Range = 6". Duration = 2 turns.

Fascination: Affects a single (male) individual who will be unable to do anything at all except follow the houri whereever she goes, unable to take his eyes off her. If attacked he will try to beat off any opponents including his own comrades, in a berserk fury, in order to continue moving towards the houri. Range = 12". Duration = 20 turns.

Silvertongue: Enables the houri to lie so convincingly that the recipient will believe anything she says (unless, of course, his senses tell him otherwise; he will not, for example, believe the houri if she tells him that a monster is attacking unless he can see it). Affects 1-6 individuals. Range = 10". Duration = 6 turns.

Impotence: The recipient of this spell becomes impotent for 24 hours. During this period he will attack at -2, and make morale and saving throws at -2. Wisdom, Constitution and Charisma scores will all be lowered by 1-3 points each for its duration, and the character will feel downright miserable.

Kiss of Healing: Like most kiss spells, there is no saving-throw against kiss of healing. This works as a cure light wounds spell, restoring 2-7 points of damage to an injured character.

Kiss of Sleeping: The victim of this spell fails into a deep coma for 1-10 turns plus the houri's level and cannot be awakened by normal means.

Kiss of Waking: The reverse of the above. This spell will also negate a sleep spell.

Read Languages: As per magic-user spell.

Level 2

Charm Normal Animals: This affects any normal animals, e.g. wolves, bats, lions, elephants, etc, but not giant animals or monsters. It will affect 1-20 small insects, 1-8 small animals (bats, rats, small birds), 1-4 medium-sized animals (dogs, lions, leopards), or one single large animal such as a rhino or elephant. Range = 12". Duration = 6 turns + level of houri.

Influence: A very subtle variation on charm person. The recipient of this spell is completely unaware that he is charmed and behaves normally in all respects except that he must obey any order the houri gives him. (Exception: orders to the victim to kill or harm himself will be ignored. He will simply not hear them.) The victim will obey the orders cheerfully and believe he is doing so because he wants to. Influence is so subtle that it can detected only by an houri of the same level or higher than the one who cast it. Range and duration are as per charm person.

Transfer Charm: This spell transfers control over a charmed individual to another person, e.g. if the houri encounters someone who has been charmed by another magic-user, she can use this spell to transfer control over that person from the original caster to herself (or, indeed, to someone else). Range = 12". Duration as per the original charm spell used.

Jealousy: This affects 1-6 persons causing them to become jealous of each other to the extent that they will ignore the houri or any other source of danger present and quarrel amongst themselves for 2-8 turns. There is a 20% chance of such an argument leading to blows and, if it does, there is an additional 20% chance of the fight being to the death. N.B. if the fight is not to the death, then the combatants will come out of the spell when hit. Range = 6".

Ecstacy: This affects 1-8 levels of male, humanoid characters. The lowest level characters are affected first, then the next lowest, and so on. Victims fully affected sit down and stare at the houri, completely entranced and offering no resistance to anything she does to them (short of actually running them through). Partially affected characters are affected in a similar manner, but are allowed a saving throw, whereas fully affected characters are not.
Example: Lirona, using this spell on three 1st level and one 3rd level character rolls 5 on a D8 and so can affect 5 levels. The 1st level characters go under immediately, but the 3rd level one is only partially affected and is allowed a save vs. magic.
Range = 4". Duration = 1-6 turns + houri's level.

Dispel Charm: Removes any kind of charm if successful. However, the recipient has a saving throw against it. Range = 2".

Kiss of Strength: This works exactly as a strength spell.

Kiss of Wounding: Affects the victim as would an inflict light wounds spell doing D6+1 damage with no save.

Kiss of Weakness: This removes 2-8 points of strength from the victim for 24 hours. After receiving such a kiss, the victim will be completely helpless for 1-10 turns.

Communicate: A spell to enable the houri to communicate with any intelligent creature in its language. Duration = to houri's level. ((This duration is probably a mistake.))

Level 3

Hold Person: As per cleric spell.

Love Spell: This spell requires some item belonging to the intended victim for it to work such as a lock of hair, nail paring, or the like. The spell is chanted over the item and it will cause the character to whom it belongs to fall in love either with the next person that he/she sees, or with a person of the houri's choice, or, if the victim is male, with the houri herself. Duration as per charm person.

Resist Charm: This hedges the houri around with a protective aura which makes her immune to any kind of charm or hold spell including geas, quest, suggestion and bardic charm. Duration = 6 turns.

Disguise: Similar to the change self spell of illusionists in that it causes all creatures failing to save vs. spells to believe that the houri is a female of their own race or species. This spell also enables the houri to be able to seduce any male creature believing the disguise spell. Duration = 4 turns + the houri's level.

Suggestion: As per magic-user spell.

Charm Giant Animals: This affects any giant animals of any kind, including enchanted types such as Phase Spiders. Such enchanted giant animals save vs. the spell at +3; otherwise, it functions as charm normal animals.

Bodyguard: This affects all characters and creatures of 1-3 hit dice within a 30 ft radius of the houri. Any of these who fail to save vs. magic will immediately disregard their previous purposes or allegiances, leap to the houri's side, and form a protective ring around her defending her from all assailants, even their own comrades. Note, however that they are not actually charmed. After they have successfully protected the houri from immediate danger they will become catatonic for 1-4 turns before returning to normal. Range = 6". ((This range may not be correct.))

Kiss of Slavery: This is actually a charm person spell with no saving throw. Checks to break such a charm are made after twice the normal duration. A victim of this spell will obey any order unquestioningly.

Level 4

Charm Monster: As per magic-user spell.

Resist Charm, 10' Radius: As resist charm except that it protects all persons or creatures within a 10 ft radius of the caster. Duration = 6 turns + level of houri.

Lovesickness: Affecting a single male victim, this spell makes its recipient become so much in love with the houri that as soon as he loses sight of her, he begins to waste away, he goes off his food, turns to drink and becomes a general wreck, fighting at -7. As a result he will die of malnutrition in a number of days equal to his constitution plus 4, and there is also a 10% chance of him committing suicide. What's more, if the houri tells him to go away, he is compelled to do so. This unpleasant condition may wear off as charm person, but otherwise must be treated by cure disease or a love spell, which will make him fall in love with someone else instead. Range = 6".

Confusion: As per magic-user spell.

Hate Spell: This works in a similar way to love spell, but has the reverse effect, i.e. the victim will hate either the first person he/she sees, or the person of the houri's choice. The victim will then either attack that person, or plot to kill him/her. After the object of the victim's hate has been killed, he/she will revert to normal. Otherwise the spell wears off as charm person.

Enchant Female: This spell must be used in conjunction with a spell which would normally be effective only upon a male victim, e.g. fascination or lovesickness, and enables the houri to work that spell upon a female victim. It would also enable an houri to seduce a female ... Range and duration are the same as the spell it is used in conjunction with.

Kiss of Paralysis: This causes a paralysis which lasts 1-4 game-days or until the houri removes it with a second kiss, whichever is shorter.

Kiss of Linking: This links the mind of the houri with that of another character for 2-8 game-hours, and during this period the two will think and act as one person. The houri will be able to speak through the other person, and even cast spells through him/her. There is, however, a 10% chance of their minds ending up in the wrong bodies when this spell wears off. The spell must be allowed to last at least two game-hours or the chance of a mind-switch increases to 50%. Should one of the two linked characters die, then both minds will end up permanently in the body of the survivor, i.e. he/she will become a sort of "split personality".

Level 5

Change Sex: A spell to alter the sex of any humanoid creature. This is such a traumatic change that, unless the victim has submitted to it voluntarily, he/she/it will be automatically confused for 1-10 turns, and also there is a 5% chance that it will cause permanent insanity. Range = 12". Duration is permanent, unless dispelled or reversed.

Hold Monster: As magic-user spell.

Kiss of Disfigurement: This permanently reduces the charisma of the victim to zero, i.e. he grows horns, an extra nose, becomes covered in warts, develops a vile body stench which makes a skunk seem like Chanel No. 9, gains an impossible speech impediment, etc, and is rendered generally repulsive. As a result the victim becomes shunned by humanity. Anyone whom he tries to approach will instantly attack him, including his friends and relatives. Small children will follow him about throwing stones at him ... pigs will cross the street to avoid him ... etc, etc, etc. ad nauseum.

Kiss of Death: The only kiss spell for which a saving throw is allowed. The result of not making the saving throw is obvious. Victims successfully saving vs. magic merely lose half of their remaining hit points.

Kiss of Change: This spell affects its victim as polymorph others except that it is not permanent. As with most other kiss spells there is no immediate saving throw but the victim may be able to break free of the spell after a period of time, depending upon his constitution. Checks are made on the following basis, and if the character then saves vs. magic, he reverts back so his normal form:

Constitution    Check Every:
 up to 6          3 weeks
  7-9             2 weeks
 10-11            week
 12-15            2 days
 16-17            day
 18               12 hours

Stop! Spell: In casting this spell the houri performs some action such as suddenly removing all her clothes which causes all activity by living beings within a 20 ft. radius of her to cease immediately for 1-4 melee turns. Note, however, that this spell is not equivalent to time stop for only living things are affected and any creature touched whilst the spell is in operation immediately breaks free of it. There is no saving throw against this spell and protection devices do not work against it.

Level 6

Heartbreaker: A spell to induce a sudden heart attack in its recipient. A save vs. magic is allowed. If the saving throw is not made, the character then rolls under "probability of surviving spells", as per Greyhawk p9. If the character does not survive, he or she is dead. If he/she survives, the character will be totally incapacitated for 6 + D6 game-weeks. He/she will also permanently lose a point of strength and a point of constitution, and will have a 5% chance of a further heart attack every time he/she exerts his/herself from then on. Range = 6".

Mass Charm: As per the magic-user spell, except that it works as a clerical hold spell rather than charm person. Range = 18". Duration = 9 turns + level of houri.

Blown Kiss: This enables the houri to use any kiss spell of levels 1-5 at long range without physical contact. It must be used in conjunction with another spell. Range = 12".

Kiss of Regression: This causes its victim to regress, both physically and mentally, into an infant. It can, however, be used to negate the effects of a Staff of Withering. Duration = permanent unless dispelled.

Geas: As per magic-user spell.

Kiss of Life: The houri equivalent of a clerical raise dead spell with the usual limitations of that spell. The usual check against constitution must be made to determine whether the character is raised successfully.

Houri Magical items

Houris can use any item of magical jewellery including rings, necklaces, scarabs, etc, plus magical daggers and items usable by all classes. They may not use wands, staves or rods of any sort, and they are not allowed to use other magic-user items except those concerned with charms or charming.

A Manual of Advanced Lovemaking will enable any houri reading it to instantly gain one full level of experience. However, anyone else reading it will suffer 2-16 points of damage plus the effects of a kiss of weakness spell.

A Lipstick of Irresistibility gives its wearer a limited kiss of slavery ability, the effects lasting as a double-duration hold person spell. Each stick is good for 5 applications and each application lasts for 1-6 kisses.

((It is recommended that care is taken over the use of this character class, as they have a considerable number of no-saving-throw abilities, and if these are allowed as player characters, it is likely that these powers will be used on other player characters at some point. This class is probably more capable of destroying player characters without killing them than any other class that I know of. Please note that this is just my opinion. - ROM.))

(c) Brian Asbury, Feb. 2002
    Permission granted to use for non-profit making purposes